About GrabOnRent
What is GrabOnRent?
GrabOnRent is a unique online platform which lets you rent a variety of items for any duration you desire. The items are delivered right to your doorstep at the time of your convenience.
Does GrabOnRent own the products?
No, we work with our partners who own them. Once you choose your product, we collect it from them, deliver it to you, and return it back to them once you are done.
How am I assured of the quality of products?
Before we deliver the products, we do a thorough quality check. Products are dispatched only after they pass our stringent performance and cleanliness quality standards
Booking a Product
What information do I have to give to book a product?
It’s quite simple. Select the product of your choice, the duration of rent, and whether you want to collect it from a store or have it home delivered. Share your location, mobile number, email id and your bank account details (for your security deposit refund) and you’re good to go.
Why do I have to give my location?
Number 1, if you have opted for home delivery, then we need an address to deliver the item.Number 2, if you have opted for pick-up, we will use your location to find the vendors closest to you and save your time.
Can I book the product in advance?
Absolutely, you can book products up to 4 weeks in advance.
Can someone else pick up the product on my behalf?
No, we would like to ensure the safety of your product by delivering it into your safe hands.
Do I need to submit any documents?
Yes, for most items you need to submit one valid address proof. For bikes and cars, you will also have to submit your original driving license.
If I submit my original license, how will I drive?
Valid question, we will give you a photocopy, which is well accepted by the police.
Do I have to pay a security deposit for the product?
Yes. We don’t like it either, but we need to ensure the security of the products. Please read the Security Deposit section for further details.
Will my time get automatically adjusted if my product gets delivered late?
If you have opted for a pick-up (collecting your product from the store) and you collect the item late, then no, your time does not get adjusted. If you have opted for delivery and you were unable to collect the item in-spite of the delivery being attempted at the right time, then no, your time does not get adjusted. If you have opted for delivery and we were unable to deliver it on time, only then does your time get automatically adjusted.
Is there a limit on the duration I can book a product for?
No, you can book the product for as long as you like.
How can I trust the hygiene or quality of the product?
We take this very seriously.Our products are dispatched only after they pass our rigorous performance and cleanliness quality standards. Products that are washable are washed thoroughly before they are dispatched. For example, adventure gear like tents, sleeping bags, cars and bikes are always washed before dispatch. Items like washing machines; microwaves etc. are thoroughly cleaned before dispatch.
My Account
Do I need to have an account on GrabOnRent to book the product?
Yes, you need an account of GrabOnRent to be able to book an item(s) on rent.
Is the account paid or free?
Absolutely and irrevocably free.
Do I need to upload/submit any documents on registration?
Can I trust you with my data privacy and contact information security?
Yes, we give information security the highest priority and you can be assured that your data is safe in our hands.
Can I Rent My Products
Can I offer products for rent through GrabOnRent?
Yes, if you are a registered business that offers products for rent, reach out to us on +91 9019 029 029 or mail us at [email protected]
I do not have a registered business; can I still offer products on rent?
Yes, individuals can certainly rent on our platform. Please reach out to us on our customer care number or mail us on [email protected]
Home Delivery and Home Pickup
Do you offer home delivery for the products?
Yes, for nearly everything.
Can I pick the item from the store instead of opting for home delivery?
Yes, you can personally collect it from the store.
How much do you charge for home delivery?
The delivery is free for party, gaming, projectors, adventure and event supplies categories. For home appliance and furniture categories, the delivery is free for rental durations of 3 months or more. In case an elevator isn’t available at the delivery location or the products cannot be fitted inside the available elevator, labor charges shall be applicable for using the staircase. For every two products -
A. Upto the 2nd floor, Free
B. From 3rd to 4th Floor, Rs. 200
C. From 5th Floor to 7th Floor, Rs. 500
D. 8th Floor and Above, Rs. 750.
What is the typical time taken for delivery?
It depends on the item size. Small items are delivered in 2-4 hours; big items in 24-48 hours.
From where can I pick-up the products?
We have different pickup points for different products. Our customer care will help you with the precise pick-up details.
What are the timings for pick-up and drop?
Generally 11 AM to 10 PM but this varies depending on the partner.
Do I need to bring the necessary documents when I come for pick-up?
Yes, we will send you a mail/message informing you about the necessary documents that you need to bring along.
What if the product is damaged at delivery?
If the product is damaged at delivery, then we will exchange it after testing the product and ascertaining that it is actually damaged. If you do not want to opt for an exchange, we will refund the full amount.
What happens if the product is not as per the online description?
Although unlikely, if this happens, we will exchange the product free of additional charges.
Do you help with the installation/setting-up of products? Are there any additional charges?
Our representative will help install and set-up the product. ​T​he installation​ of the items will be FREE of cost. However​, ​any work related to plumbing or electrical wiring will have to be taken care by the customer.
What if the product stops working during the rental tenure?
Don’t worry, just contact our customer care and we will get the product repaired/exchanged free of cost within 48 hours. However, if the damage is caused due to an error on your part, then you will be charged the cost of repairs.
What if I don’t like the item and want to return it?
Sorry, we do not accept returns just because you do not like the product. Moreover, such a situation is unlikely as we deliver products that match the description shared. Please see our cancellation policy for more.
Product Return and Collection
Can I exchange the product if it is not in a good condition?
We only exchange the product if it differs from what you ordered or if it is damaged on receipt.
How will I be informed about pick-up by your person?
Our team will call you before the scheduled pick-up.
Will your person be carrying an ID proof when he comes for collection of the item, so that I can ensure security of the product?
Yes, he will be carrying an ID proof. We will mail/message you the details of the person.
Will there be any penalty if I am not present at the time decided for reverse pickup?
You shall be contacted by the pickup team to learn your availability for the pickup. If you are not available at the agreed pickup time-slot, a penalty of Rs. 200 per visit will be applicable. We will appreciate if you could designate a friend or a family member to coordinate the reverse pickup with our team member.
Will the security deposit money be returned as soon as I give back the product?
After you return the product, the security deposit money will be refunded directly into your bank account within 2-3 working days.
Why this delay in returning of security deposit?
On receiving the returned product, it takes 24 hours to get the product thoroughly inspected. We need a further 24 hours to process the bank payment. The rest of the time is a buffer for unforeseen circumstances.
Can I get the security deposit refund in cash?
No, all refunds are made directly to your bank account. We do not offer cash refunds as we need time to inspect the returned item.
What if I do not get my security deposit refund on time?
Although this is highly unlikely, reach out to our Customer Care and we will sort the issue.
Security Deposit and Payment
Why do I have to pay a security deposit?
The deposit is collected to give our partners some security coverage for the products they provide. This amount is completely refundable if the item is returned without any damages – physical and functional.
What modes of payment do you accept?
We accept online modes like debit card, credit card and net banking. Cash on Delivery is also accepted. In certain cases, a card on delivery option may also be available.
What if I damage the product?
If the damage caused to the product is repairable, then the cost of repair from an authorized repair centre will be charged and deducted from your security deposit.
If non repairable, then you will have to pay the full cost of the product.
What if it is a minor damage?
Even if it is a minor damage, the cost of repairs will be charged. However, you will not be charged for regular wear and tear.
What is the typical time taken for the money to get refunded?
After the product is returned, the money will be refunded within 2-3 workings days.
Will I be reimbursed if I spend my own money to repair the product?
In case the product requires repairs, we encourage you to reach out to our customer care who will arrange to get it fixed.
However, if for some reason you wish to make repairs on your own, then you can do so only after getting permission from GrabOnRent. If the damages are caused due to the user’s fault, the money spent on repairs will not be reimbursed. In other cases, you will be required to present a bill for repairs and we will reimburse you either the amount spent or the equivalent price for a similar repair done by our service partner, which is lower.
How do I confirm the transaction on my credit/debit card statement?
You can check your bank statement. The transaction in favour of “GrabOnRent Internet Private Limited” will be the one.
Secure Payments
Is it safe to pay online on GrabOnRent?
We have partnered with India’s leading online payment solutions provider ‘Citrus’ who provides a secure and proven risk management system.
Do I have to create a Citrus account to make the payment?
No, you can make the payment as a guest.
Will the refunds be transferred to my bank a/c or to my Citrus a/c?
If you have used your Citrus wallet to make the initial payment, then the refunds will be made to your Citrus wallet.
In all other payment modes, whether online or cash on delivery, the refunds will be transferred directly to your bank a/c.
Cancellations and Extensions
Is there a provision to check my order status online?
The functionality is being incorporated. We will update you when tracking via your GrabOnRent account is activated.
How do I modify/reschedule my booking?
You can modify your booking by contacting our customer care. Only the delivery and pick-up dates and timings can be modified. To add new products please create a separate booking.
Are there any charges for rescheduling/modifying my booking?
There will be no additional charges for modifications done at least 1 day prior to the agreed delivery date. Post this time, modifications will incur an additional charge if the items have already been dispatched from our warehouse.
How do I cancel my booking?
For cancellations, please contact our customer care.
There will be no cancellation charges if the booking is cancelled at least 1 day prior to the agreed delivery date. Cancellations post this time will incur a cancellation charge at Rs. 100 for small items (everything else other than home appliances and furniture) and Rs. 400 for large items (furniture and home appliances). We do not accept cancellations after the product has been accepted by the customer.
Can I extend the duration of rent?
Yes, depending on the availability of the item.
What happens if I return the item late?
For a delay of:
- up to 2 hours – no extra charge
- 2 – 12 hours – 1 day of rental value
- >12 Hours –one day’s rental charges for every 12 hours henceforth.
Will any of my rental amounts be refunded if I return the item before the end of rental duration?
In case you wish to return the items before the end date, you must pay 1 Month’s rent as a penalty for the breach in the agreed rental period. In case you do not provide 1 week’s prior notice and wish to return the items in a time les slessethan 1 week, an additional charge of Rs. 449 must be paid for every two items.